Seasonal Maintenance

Winter is just around the bend and due to the low temperatures and snowy weather your car should be diagnosed. This can prevent future problems from occurring if we take care of it when needed.

Cars take a lot of abuse in the winter, especially if it will be an extremely cold winter. It is a good idea to take your car in once the weather starts to turn colder to prevent a domino effect of things going wrong.

If you skip regular tune ups, and something is wrong with your car, that one thing may cause a ripple of problems that can lead to a very hefty repair bill. This is why at Westown we stress the importance of preventative maintenance!

If you do a lot of driving through the week it’s nice to know for peace of mind what condition your vehicle is in.

When you visit Westown we will do a free 23 point inspection telling you exactly what condition your vehicle is in, this can prevent breakdown away from the garage you trust and prevent a mishap from happening in these busy holiday months.

Packages: $89.00 – $149.00

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